Welcome to CYBER IN Toulouse, the 6th edition of the "Cyber In .." French Cybersecurity Doctoral School. This edition focuses on Security for IoT and embedded Criticial Systems and takes place in INSA of Toulouse, July 19-23 2021. This is an event of the French “GDR Sécurité Informatique“ network.  


The school aims at bringing together Master/PhD students, academics and security experts from industry. The focus of the summer school is on Security for IoT and security for critical embedded systems. The program of this five-day school is constituted of introductory classes and demonstrations, performed either by researchers or academic partners, supplemented by practical labs All courses will be taught in English if necessary. This summer school ends with a security challenge. This challenge is organized and supervised by both researchers from the University of Toulouse and engineers from the Airbus company. This challenge deals with the security of a specific embedded system. Participants will have the opportunity to face a security server in an unknown context: systems and protocols are custom-built.


Place du Capitole


Important information

Due to the  COVID-19 sanitary  restrictions, the number of participants is limited to 40. This number could be further reduced if the situation worsens in July.

The registration to this summer school is free and the participants only have to pay for their travel to Toulouse. We strongly encourage the participant to buy modifiable or refundable tickets for their travel to Toulouse. The GDR cannot be asked to refund the tickets in case of cancellation of the summer school.

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